Traditional Italian Roots.
Modern-Day Sensibilities.

We grew up in Italian families, where Sunday dinners were the highlight of the week.  Family and friends would gather around the table.  We would share stories and laugh for hours.  And always had delicious, homemade Italian food! These wonderful family traditions instilled in us a love for great food and an appreciation for spending quality time with family and friends.  Frescobene carries on this heartfelt legacy, but also considers the hectic lives of modern-day living.

We focus on the highest quality ingredients and extraordinary flavor.  Our authentic Italian recipes evoke Old World warmth with a balance of outstanding, gourmet taste.

Just as importantly, our sauces are so incredibly easy to prepare and clean up, even your kids will offer to help.  With Frescobene, you finally can get the amazing homemade meal you deserve without spending hours to make it.  It's simple! It's full of amazing flavor! And it lets you relax and enjoy your precious time with family and friends.

Experience Frescobene and Make Everyday Gourmet!

About the Founders

Lisa and Ann are both busy moms balancing the needs of their families while running a successful local catering business.

They both grew up in Italian households which instilled in them a love for quality family time and homemade delicious authentic food.

Ann attended Le Cordon Bleu in London (1999-2000) and Lisa started a successful catering business called Let’s Dish in 2009 which Ann joined in 2012. 

Their passion for food and their desire to prepare easy, high quality, homemade meals for their families and their clients are the reason why they developed  the Frescobene brand and family of products.

From our kitchen to your table,

Lisa and Ann