We had a lot of questions before we started our company. Call us crazy, but we thought you may ask some of the same questions we did!

1. Why did we start Frescobene?

Like most people, we lead active, busy lives.  As our schedules were becoming more and more hectic, we found that we didn't have the time to prepare a proper family meal.   Having grown up in Italian families, our dinners were always special.  The kitchen was the "heart" of our home – we shared our lives around the table as well as our meal!  We would always freeze batches of our pasta sauces -  so we decided to go one step further and package them in heat & serve" pouches for added convenience.  We began to use our new “invention” and could not believe how much time and effort we were saving in the kitchen, without sacrificing delicious, homemade flavors while still providing complete meals for the family.  We began telling our friends and immediately they asked where they could buy it….and, voilà……Frescobene Foods was born. 


2. Why frozen sauces...when the entire industry uses jars?

FRESH FRESH FRESH!!!! As we mentioned above, we have always made extra sauce and froze it for future use.  Believe it or not, the sauce always tasted better after being frozen, unlike jarred sauce which just age on the shelf. Frescobene Foods use only the highest quality ingredients, prepared in small batches, in a way that would make our grandmother’s proud.  Our sauces are as close to fresh as you can get without making your own. 


3. Why do we use "heat and serve" pouches?

Although we didn't originate the idea, we certainly knew a GREAT idea when we saw it! The advantages were so evident…. we couldn't think of a reason NOT to put them in a bag!

  1. Convenience - Take the cleaned pouch and drop it into the SAME pot of water you are going to cook your pasta in - one pot, no extra mess.  They are microwavable as well and no cumbersome jar to deal with!
  2. Choice – Because we want to accommodate a wide range of consumers, we offer our sauces in four flavors, which include a Vegan and Vegetarian option.  Now you have to option to cook up to four different flavors without waste.  Frescobene allows you to please everyone with no extra effort!
  3. Delicious – As we package and freeze our sauces in a short amount of time, they are always “fresh” and taste amazing. Frescobene sauces have a shelf life of up to a year, but we know they will never be in your freezer for that long…. they are just too good! 
  4. BPA Free and FDA Approved - Like many of you, we read the labels on EVERYTHING!  One of the key things about our boil in the bag pouches is that they are BPA FREE (BPA is a chemical component present in polycarbonate plastic used in the manufacture of certain beverage containers and most food can liners) and the pouches themselves are approved by the FDA for use.  We certainly wouldn't introduce something dangerous to our family...and we promise you we never would with yours!


    4. What makes Frescobene sauces worth the price?

    There is something to be said for "you get what you pay for," especially when it comes to feeding your family. Frescobene Artisan sauces contain no additional preservatives or sugars, use the highest quality ingredients, many imported from Italy, and are made in small batches to maintain the very best in quality control. We have taken our family recipes and used all our years of culinary training to ensure that even the busiest person can "Make Everyday Gourmet!"  Our sauces may be at a premium price, but we believe you will find they are worth every penny when you look at the smiles on the faces of those you are feeding!


    5. How much pasta with the 10 oz. pouch cover?

    The 10 oz. pouch is 2.5 servings and will cover approximately ½ - ¾ of a pound of traditional pasta.  However, each pouch will cover a pound of stuffed pasta, such as ravioli and tortellini.