Chicken Parmigiana and Linguine with Frescobene Marinara Sauce

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Always a family favorite! Breaded chicken cutlets are topped off with marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella and baked to pure perfection!  Change it up and swap out marinara sauce for any one of our amazing sauces!

Serves 4.


  • 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, pounded thin (1/4 inch.)

  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper

  • 2 large eggs

  • 2 c. seasoned panko breadcrumbs

  • Cooking Spray 

  •  2-10 oz. pouch Frescobene Marinara Sauce

  • 1 lb. fresh mozzarella, thinly sliced or shredded

  • 1 lb. Linguine


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

1. Season both sides of chicken with salt and pepper.

2. Whisk eggs with 2 T. of water and season with salt and pepper.

3. Place breadcrumbs in a separate shallow dish and season with salt and pepper.

4. Dip chicken cutlet into egg and let excess egg run off. Then dip into breadcrumbs.

5. Transfer to a baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray and then spray cutlets with cooking spray.

6. Bake in the oven until the chicken is cooked for 10 minutes, or until cooked through.

7. While chicken is baking place Marinara pouch in pot of boiling water and prepare according to package

8. Remove pouch from boiling water (with tongs) and add pasta to the pot

9. Cook according to box

10. While pasta is cooking cut corner of pouch and place 2 T. of sauce on each chicken cutlet

11. Top each chicken cutlet with cheese and place back into the oven until cheese is melted

12. Add remaining sauce to cooked pasta and serve with chicken cutlets

Chicken Parmigiana and Linguine with Frescobene Marinara Sauce