Vodka Sauce Vodka Sauce Vodka Sauce Vodka Sauce

Vodka Sauce

Our Vodka Sauce gets its savory flavor from a special blend of imported tomatoes, rich cream, a splash of vodka and a hint of heat.  The smooth and velvety texture makes it the perfect sauce for pasta, shrimp, and chicken. 


We hand select the highest quality ingredients, allowing the flavors to shine through.

All Non-GMO ingredients, imported San Marzano tomatoes (no added citric acid), no added sugars or preservatives, cream, Certified Gluten-Free

Pair with Fenocchio Barbaresco 2014

Wine Notes: The Vodka sauce is lusciously creamy, and so to pair with this sauce you want a wine that has a similar intensity of richness, while also carrying the structure to cleanse the palate after each sip. The Fenocchio Barbaresco 2014 is beautifully aromatic, with notes of tart strawberry, fresh rose petals, and dark earth. The pleasantly creamy and savory aromas of the sauce are the perfect foundation to enjoy the complexities of the wine, while the wine is still youthful and angular.

Gourmet, Simplified

Authentic Italian Flavor in 3 easy steps


Remove pouch from the box.


Place pouch in a pot of water and bring water to a boil.


Remove from pot and serve with your favorite recipes.